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  • Dollar Per Month was very communicative throughout the campaign and let us participate at the level we were comfortable with. Not only did they raise funds, but they also raised awareness for our mission, which is so important and invaluable to our organization (Homes for Our Troops).
    Cara Yanosick - Homes for Our Troops
  • As Development Director, I was the staff member that worked with the Dollar Per Month team and was very impressed at how easy the process was. We had the opportunity to proof and approve the our information on their website before it went live, which was nice.
    Sarah M. Clemens, CFRE - Sustainable Harvest International
  • It was great to share the fundraising tool with our current pool of social media followers, giving them another online way to connect with and support our mission. Thanks Dollar Per Month for helping us raise the needed dollars to serve children and families in crisis!
    Drew Bryson - Giving Children Hope
  • It was a great honor to be selected this summer as one of the charity partners, Dollar Per Month helps people understand the mission and vision of Free The Children because it is focused on educating new donors about our international and domestic programs.
    Xin Xing - Free The Children
  • The Dollar Per Month team makes sure to handle the logistics and details, with input and sign-off from the charitable partners, and they're always available to help. It couldn't have been a more seamless or rewarding relationship. Thanks Dollar Per Month!
    Gayane Margaryan - African Wildlife Foundation
  • Working with Dollar Per Month was a wonderful experience for Sea Turtle Conservancy. We were honored to have been selected as a featured organization, and are grateful for the opportunity to share our passion and mission with a whole new audience.
    Chris Ann Keehner - Sea Turtle Conservancy
  • Dollar Per Month is a group that truly cares about making this world a better place. It shows in all that they do! Futures Without Violence would love to be featured on DPM’s fun and engaging website again.
    Sasanna Yee - Futures Without Violence
  • Working with Dollar Per Month was a seamless process that allowed our organization to promote our mission effectively. The concept of Dollar Per Month is brilliant and we are honored to have been chosen as a featured charity!
    - Girls Inc
  • Thanks so much for including us, Doug. Dollar Per Month is a great concept and we really hope it continues to gain support. Your team was very helpful especially the marketing tips!
    Annette Gregg, MBA - Project Concern International
  • The Dollar Per Month team was prompt, helpful and accommodating in terms of how Ben Towne Foundation was presented on the Dollar Per site. Thanks for all that you do and thank you again for including Ben Towne Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation!
    Jeff Towne - Ben Towne Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation


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    Equal Opportunity Schools
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  • Thumbnail-Equal-Opportunity
    Equal Opportunity Schools
    took the lead!

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